Hi, I’m Linda Barnby, creator of the Adopting With Love Podcast. If it’s your heart’s desire to adopt a newborn child – and you’d like to do it as quickly as possible with the least amount of expense and risk, and don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

Welcome to Adopting With Love

I’m here to help you learn and find the resources you need to take effective action. I want you to benefit from my years of experience as an adoption mentor to hundreds of adopting parents just like you.

In helping you achieve your goal, I believe my role (and responsibility) is to share the truth, be loving and transparent, and help you succeed. That’s what I’m all about and that’s what Adopting With Love is all about.


Adopting means taking a number of steps toward the ultimate goal of adoption of a child.
  • Thinking About Adoption | First, it’s wise to carefully consider whether adoption is right for you and your family.  There are many factors involved in making that decision.
  • Preparing to Start the Adoption Process | Next, you’ll want to do a little research about a number of issues before actually jumping into the process and signing up with an adoption attorney or adoption agency.
  • Choosing an Adoption Facilitator | Choosing an agency or attorney to help you facilitate your adoption is next and is no small undertaking.
  • Creating Your Presentation Materials | When you’ve made all the preliminary decisions, and chosen your adoption facilitator, you’ll prepare your adoption profile for birth mothers to view. Your presentation materials are vitally important. They will respresent you to any birth mother who may decide whether you are the right family for her baby.
  • Matching with a Birth Mother | You may be presented with one or more birth mothers during the matching process before the right one chooses you. Knowing ahead of time what issues might come up in the matching process will make the process go more smoothly.
  • Matched and Waiting | Once a birth mother chooses you, you are “matched”! The birth mother will cherish a relationship with you. We’ll provide guidance to both you and your birth mother as you all await the birth of the baby.
  • The Birth and Hospital Experience | The birth and hospital experience can be simultaneously a joyous time and an anxious time.  You will be invited to meet your new baby and you may be even be invited to attend the birth!
  • Home from the Hospital | Once all legal documents are signed by the birth mother and the birth father, if he is participating at the hospital, you’ll take your baby home.
  • The Legal Process | The post-placement legal process begins as soon as the birth parents sign the papers after birth. Your agency or attorney will begin the process to ultimately finalize your adoption in court.
  • Updates to the Birth Mother | You’ll likely have created a plan with the birth mother before the baby’s birth to provide the birth mother with updates about the baby at various intervals. You’ll want to start putting your plan into action after the baby is born.
  • Adoption Finalization Day | The last step is to attend the adoption finalization court hearing and receive your adoption papers. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
What Adopting With Love Can Do For You

Adopting With Love Video Podcast is for you. Linda Barnby (that’s me!) hosts the podcast. I interview adoption professionals to gather up-to-date information about the newest adoption strategies, news and tips. I interview adopting parents, birth mothers and others. I will be your faithful guide and assist you along your adoption journey – and together with the Adopting With Love Community, we’ll share in your joy of the arrival of your precious little one.