Finding a baby to join your family by adoption is your mission. And now that you’re here, it’s my mission too.

Each week, I host a podcast called Adopting With Love – How To Adopt a Baby. You can listen to the latest episodes here.

My podcast guests and I discuss topics to engage and inform you about the multi-faceted process of adopting. I’ll share with you how you can adopt faster, easier, less expensively and with less risk.

I’m an adoptive mother and an adoption attorney.  My law practice in Florida is devoted exclusively to adoption. I’ve worked with birth mothers and adoptive parents from all over the country. I’ve worked with adoption agencies, adoption consultants and facilitators, home study providers as well as state foster care systems.

Now, through this site and the podcast, I hope to help even more adopting families, like you, no matter where in the United State you live. The strategies and resources I share here can help you find a birth mother and choose adoption professionals to help you whatever state you live in.

There are two ways to consume the information on this site. You can browse the podcasts and the articles to find the topics most interesting to you now. You can also listen to podcasts and read articles based on the stage where you are in your adoption journey.

The podcast and articles on this site are devoted to helping you successfully adopt. You’ll find resources and tips to help you move faster and more efficiently along your adoption journey. You’ll hear stories that will help you make decisions about your own anticipated adoption.

I’m always here to help. I welcome your questions and comments. Send me your questions here.

I can’t wait to get to know you better and assist you along your path to finding the child who is meant to be yours.